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Martin Row Cleaners

Step 1: Clean & lightly till without furrowing out.

Properly designed row cleaners provide a very desirable type of tillage. !e row cleaner teeth continuously engage the soil to the shallow depth of 1" to 1 1/2". !is scarifying of the soil's surface layer makes it easier for the seed openers to open a welldefined "V" but without furrowing out or causing slabbing or fleaking. Eliminating furrows is the key to preventing erosion in the row on slopes and the ponding of water over the row in level areas. Martin Row Cleaners come in two basic types: rigid and floating.


Our rigid models are more aggressive row cleaners and are particularly useful when a furrow is needed to reach moisture. Rigid models are available for all popular planters.


Our floating models have the advantage of always moving residue and lightly tilling the seed zone and leaving no skips or furrowed out places. Floating models fit most popular planters and may be used ahead of most no-till coulters or certain fertilizer openers including our UMO-100 Unit-Mounted Fertilizer Opener.

Side Treader Wheels

Our side treader wheels are a very good option, one most customers order, for the floating row cleaners because they help prevent unwanted trenching in softer parts of the field. Recent Farm Journal tests show a large yield increase when using this option.

All Martin Row Cleaners have the following features:

  • 3/8" thick, high-strength, right- and left-toothed wheels with diamond shaped points
  • Stationary triple-lip seals
  • Heavy-gauge oval dust caps
  • Double tapered bearings
  • Greaseable hubs